Clibri VF50 Unused PIN configuration

  1. How to configure the unused pins?
  2. What is RTC current consumption?
  3. During power on condition whether RTC VCC will be switched to any other internal voltage source?
  1. In most cases you don’t need to do any additional configuration for unused pins.

  2. Internal VF50 RTC consumes around 12uA. Please see more details here - Toradex recommends the use of an external RTC because it often consumes more than 10 times less current than an internal RTC allowing a much smaller backup battery to be used. On the other hand, use of an internal RTC may simplify the carrier board design and may allow wake up using the alarm capabilities.

  3. The pin 40 of X1 edge connector is VCC_BATT and according to Colibri VF50 datasheed:

RTC Power supply can be connected to a backup battery.
Note:Connect this pin to 3.3V even if the internal RTC is not used.

Please check a reference schematic at chater 3.2 of Colibri Carrier Board Design Guide

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One more query is

Currently SDHC1 is used for Platform upload. Can we use SDHC0 instead of SDHC1 to upload the platform since we are using SDHC1 for serial communication(RX, TX)?

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