Changing thermal limits

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I am working with iMX6ULL 512 MB WB IT and I want to change CPU thermal limits.
From datasheet, operating temperature range is -30 / + 85°C.

From this webpage Thermal Management | Toradex Developer Center
I found that also for iMX6ULL thermal driver are under /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone, but files like trip_point_0_temp and trip_point_1_temp cannot be modified.
When I try to modify them, I received a message with Permission Denied.

is it correct that trip temperature values are 95°C for passive and 105°C for critical limit?

So, which are correct limits and how can I modify them?


Could you please specify version of image you are using?

Toradex decided to use the T_junction_max stated in the datasheet for the critical temperature and 10°C less for the passive trip point. Please note that operating temperature range -30 / + 85°C is for ambient temperature while trip temperature is defined for junction temperature.
If you want to modify it please refer to this page.

Hello @RiccardoC_DLK

Were you able to solve your issue with the info from @alex.tx?

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I wasn’t able to modify the limits because I didn’t try, because first of all we just needed to know which the limits are.
We can close the ticket.