Change output to input by using GPIO GDIR register

Hello ther,

i want to change the output of an GPIO pin to an input.
the reason whyis because i want to read an I2C ram without an I2c protokol.
for this i have virtualized the registers of the GPIO7
3026_0000 GPIO data register
3026_0004 GPIO direction register
3026_0008 GPIO pad status register

and in the function i write a 0 to the 9th bit of the GPIO direction register.
but if i read the pad status register or the data register i did not get the right answer.
i read an 0xFFFFFFFF and expected was a 0x55005500.

in this case i think the direction register did not change the direction from output to input.

thanks for your help
best regards

Hi @blaviken

Could you provide the version of the hardware (including CarrierBoard) and Software of your module?

For the pin settings, you should use device tree customization.

best regards,