Change default username on iMX6DL


I am working with the following setup
Colibri iMX6DL 512MB V1.1Y
Colibri Evaluation Board Rev3.2
Linux 5.4.0

After initial setup involving changing the default user password I am attempting to also change the default username.

I am creating a temp user with sudo permissions, then using usermod -l to change the username from “torizon” to “myname” after which I delete the temp user.

This works as expected and I can now login via the new user name and password, however I have discovered I can also now login using the original credentials (torizon, torizon). I believe the cause of this is the nss-altfiles module which reads user information from an alternate location (in this case /usr/lib/passwd) however it appears the usermod call does not update these files to match the username change. This disconnect means I also cannot delete the user torizon as it is not seen.

Since these files are “read only file system” I cannot alter them manually either.

Do you have any advice on either updating these files to change the name of the torizon user/remove the torizon user? Or a better way to accomplish the name change that by passes this issue?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Neil, you have to reboot the module after executing sudo usermod -l myname torizon from your temp user session. For example, I also created a temp user tmpuser with sudo permission and renamed torizon to auser. With a reboot, the previous torizon user name is denied.

colibri-imx6-11094700 login: torizon

Login incorrect
colibri-imx6-11094700 login: 
Login timed out afte
TorizonCore Upstream 5.7.2+build.20 colibri-imx6-11094700 ttymxc0

colibri-imx6-11094700 login: auser
Last login: Tue Jan 30 05:14:23 UTC 2024 on ttymxc0