Capacitive Multi-Touch Display

I am currently using the colibri evaluation board v3.1 with colibri T20 module, and for my project I use the Capacitive Multi-Touch Display 7", I followed all the steps listed here link text and it worked well, but after I turned off the evaluation board and unplug all the wires I reboot it and I found that the usb ports are grilled and does not work I want to know the origin of this problem.
I tested with another Colibri T20 but the usb ports does not work, I also noticed that the T20 I used heats.

@Soufiane151: Is the evalboard again in the default config (all jumpers at the same location, …). Do the moduels still work with a different carrier board?

Hi, thanks for the reply,
Yes, the evaluation board is in the default config I didn’t change the location of any jumper, and yes I tested the Collibri with a different carrier board and I notice that the usb ports and also the ethernet port doesn’t work for that colibri,
I tested the evaluation board with another colibri T20 and I noticed that the ethernet port work fine, but the usb ports doesn’t work.