Can't use K20 gpios on version v2.7b1 on TK1



I have got the info that on BSP V2.7 beta 1 together with the page
the K20 GPIOs can be used with normal LINUX gpio numbers.
But this is not possible on my board (see the picture).
I also not see that the Apalis-TK1-K20 driver is loaded.
Do you have an instruction to load the driver?
Or is there another problem?


Support for K20 on Apalis TK1 is not a part of mainline machine in 2.7b1. It’ll probably be included in our 2017Q1 release.


I’m a little bit confused because the support told me with BSP V2.7 beta 1 this must be possible [Ticket#2017012710000086] and also your page told these. But now the support for the K20 internally in the TK1 module is not supported?
How you controll the LCD1 or CAM pins if K20 is not supported?


Please find your answer here.

BTW: Different people at u-blox seem to be on different endeavours. Would be nice if you guys could synchronise your support requests a little bit.