Cant restore config block

CIMX7D512 06909797 1.1A
I can enter recovery mode but cant restore config blocks
when i put the device in recovery mode this is what i get
Overriding config block settings. Setting Delay to 30s and [SPACE] for bootloader entry
then nothing happens

t see anything When module is in recovery mode you shouldn’t see anything on debug UART until you load Toradex Easy Installer (or other binary) through USB OTG port. Please follow this article.
Which Colibri iMX7 version do you have - 512Mb or 1GB?

This is the output I get after entering recovery mode and inserting the sd card with eboot.imx and nk7.bin and starting the recovery.bat on the pc

I have the 1gb version

Hi @sfawzy ,

have you been able to see the output of the Toradex Easy Installer? If so, I would recommend trying to erase the flash completly, before trying again.

Furthermore, I would be interested to know, what software version you are trying to install.

Best Regards

yes installing toradex easy installer fixed the issue. for this to happen i was trying to modify the splash screen size from the configuration block to a smaller size. in the recovery mode i couldn’t install recovery. it would give me message stating that recovery was successful but would fail to start eboot. i was installing the latest sable version of wce7