Can't recover my Apalis imx8QM 4 GB WB

Hi @marcel.tx

do you have any more Ideas how I can deploy the easy-installer?

I have now tried every Installerer from the artifactory, but nothing works.

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Latest release or even nightly should really work. Wondering also, how exactly you do enter the recovery mode.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think I had the same error on the Ixora v1.0 board and after I made the modifications according to the errata instructions the module successfully started.

Hi @marcel.tx ,

I enter the recovery mode with the IXORA like normal. Shown in this video. I then use this easy-installer to stop and go into the u-boot. With all other easy-installers I go into the loop and also can’t stop and go into the u-boot.

What nightly build should I test again? Please provide a link and I will test this easy-installer again and post all the output.

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Hi @mlinar,

I will think about that. Thanks for the answer.
I found the mod not so easy and I’m not confidend to do this.
If I have no other option I will do it.

Best regards and thanks a lot.

Hi @marcel.tx,

I have now tested installer_1 and installer_2. I think these two are the newest installers. I think I would not like to mod my ixora.With these two installers i get into the loop.

If you don’t have any next Idea. I think I have to create a RMA.
Do you have any more Ideas what I can try?
Or should I create a RMA?

Best regards

I believe those older Ixora versions were never meant to work with the Apalis iMX8. You would really need the latest version thereof.