Can't receive data from UART-C


I would like send data by UART between colibri imx8x UART-C (torizon with easy installer) and an arduino.
The arduino send data though serial (tested with an other arduino to verify behavior). But when I connect the same arduino to iris-board GPIO, i don’t receive nothing.

Connection: Arduino TX ↔ UART-C RX (pin 34) and Arduino RX ↔ UART-C TX (pin 35).

I read documentation and forum but I don’t find a solution.

Does there are something to enable before use UART ?


Could you please provide more detailed information about your situation?

  • Which carrier board are you utilizing?
  • When you mention “UART-C RX (pin 34),” are you referring to the Colibri iMX8X X1 pins or to a pin on one of your carrier board connectors?
  • Could you also provide a detailed description of how you configured UART_C and how you are receiving data from it?
  • Could you please specify which version of the Torizon release you have flashed?


thanks for response,

  • Carrier board is Iris
  • I referring to carrier board connector X16 Extension Conenctor
  • I use the Seral from Arduino library at 9600 baud, 8N1 config. From torizon, I just tap these lines found in documentation (here) :
    stty -F /dev/colibri-uartc 9600
    tail -f /dev/colibri-uartc

I also try a screen command inside docker without success

  • Torizon release: Linux colibri-imx8x-07202633 5.15.129-6.5.0

Thanks in advance

Ok I found solution:

  • tail doen’t work for serial, just do cat /dev/colibri-uartc for fix it
  • for screen the issue comes from docker mount. I used -v /dev/colibri-uarts:/dev/colibri-uartc it’s doesn’t work for serial too, need to use --device /dev/colibri-uartc