Can't debug from VS2008 using Wifi LM820 on Colibri T20

I’m able to debug using Ethernet connection from VS2008 without problems (conmanclient2, cmaccept, etc.). I can deploy, run and debug my app correctly.
But when I try to do the same using Wifi connection with LM820, it fails and VS2008 says that ‘Device is not ready’.
I’ve tried disabling ethernet adapter, leaving only LM820 interface enabled. I can ping, connect to telnet and FTP using wifi. I can also click on ‘Connect to device’ from VS2008 and get ‘Connection succeeded’, but when I try to deploy/run, it always fails.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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@apanelli: I currently don’t know a solution for that. May you could once let Wireshark run while you try to debug and compare it with a “normal” ethernet session in order to understand what is going wrong?

Hi Samuel, thanks for your response and sorry for long delay. I was trying to debug using Wifi because USB Activesync was not working. But I could get it work (USB) by disabling driver signature verification on windows 10. So for now, make Wifi debug to work is in standby for me.
About USB problem I had, when I connect my device using USB, viewing windows 10 device aministratation, it appeared as ‘Mobile Device’ only, but never as ‘Portable Device’. As I know, it has to appear as both devices to make ActiveSync works correctly. After trying all solutions and get no success, I tried to do a recovery, and I noticed that could not recognize ‘NVIDIA USB Boot-recovery’ driver, that is why I disable driver signature verification (as described in Toradex recovery page). After that, I get USB working correctly, appearing both devices when I plug it.
I tell you all that about USB because maybe is a problem that someone is facing on windows 10.