Can't compile WEC2013 Bsp, registry.fdf error

Hi, i’m trying to compile an OsDesign but get this error

Impossibile trovare C:\WINCE800\OSDesigns\OSDesign5\OSDesign5\RelDir\TORADEXIMX6BIN_ARMV7_Release\registry.fdf

I’ve searched for this file but i can’t find it.
I’m new to CE and maybe i have some configuration problem.

Help XD

Dear @markdaan,

Did you install latest BSP versions? we are suspecting maybe older BSP versions would cause this problem?

Could you share which BSP and Workspace you are downloaded and used?

Could you try once again step by step instructions as described here : to build the image and let us know if you are gettting the same problem?

Also, we would like to know why do want to build the image? Are you trying to add or remove any features from WinCE image? If so, please let us know some more details about that.

Thank you.