Cann't set clock speed of i2c interface

I want to set the clock speed of the i2c1 Interface, but whatever value I try, I get 18.7kHz, which is veeery slow.

Here my line of code:

success = I2c_SetConfigInt(hI2C, L"BitRateHz", (DWORD)400000, StoreVolatile);

I know, that I will not get 400kHz exactly, but 18.7kHz is …

Thanks for helping.

With best regards and stay healthy


Dear @Gerhard,

Did you call I2c_SetConfigInt(hI2c, L"BitRateHz", 400000, StoreVolatile); after I2c_Open(hI2c)?

Did you try to test with the demo application, which is available in Toradex CE libraries? Can you able to reproduce the issue with our demo application.

You would use I2ctool to verify the issue.