Cannot run into recovery mode. Colibri Evaluation Board does not have Easy Installer. iMX6DL

I received a Colibri Evaluation Board and I am trying to start with it.

When I connect it to a VGA monitor, only the Toradex logo appears on the screen, so I assume the board does not have the Easy Toradex installer, as described in Step 1. - Installing the Operating System - Colibri Evaluation Board

So I try to do this:

but when I write “bmode usb” into the Tera Term I get the following:


And nothing more happens, it is always waiting with “resetting…”.

Do you know what is happening? Thank you

Hi @Foxer

Welcome to the Toradex Community!

What you see in Tera Term is the serial output of the module. You need to open a console on the host and launch the recovery command. Then the Toradex Easy Installer will be loaded to the ram of the module and you will see the picutre on the VGA Monitor.

Best regards, Jaski

Hi @jaski.tx, Thank you very much for your answer.

According to what you say, I am doing the following:

1.- I have the evaluation board with a Colibri IMX6DL card, connected by USB using X27 to a computer and a monitor with VGA.

2.- Now I have this on the VGA monitor:

3.- I write in the console, “recovery-windows.bat”
But I only receive this and nothing else happens.

That I have to do? I just want to clone a Colibri card that I have in two empty ones. Do you know how to proceed? Could you do this for me? or do you know where I can do this? Thank you

You need to connect a second USB cable from X29 on Evaluation board to your desktop.

Thank you very much @alex.tx I have finally been able to make this work. I am going to advance the installation. I hope I do not have more problems.

Thank you very much for your soon reply!

Perfect that it works. Thanks for the feedback.