Cannot open file 'TdxCommonLib.lib' with Toradex CE Libraries V2.1

I’ve just downloaded the new Toradex CE Libraries V2.1 and I tried to recompile my project with VS2008.

The same project works fine with the previous release of the CE libraries.

I get the following linker error

LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'TdxCommonLib.lib'

In TdxCommon.h I see the following lines of code

#ifdef USE_DLL
#pragma comment(lib, "TdxAllLibrariesDll.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "TdxCommonLib.lib")

but I don’t find any TdxCommonLib.lib under libs\lib folder.

Could you verify, please?
Should I change something in my project to use this new release?

I downloaded and verified the ZIP File

The file TdxCommonLib.Lib is there for all configurations:

\libs\lib\Toradex_CE600 (ARMv4I)Debug\TdxCommonLib.Lib
\libs\lib\Toradex_CE600 (ARMv4I)Release\TdxCommonLib.Lib
\libs\lib\Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7)Debug\TdxCommonLib.Lib
\libs\lib\Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7)Release\TdxCommonLib.Lib

Is your project search path set up to look for the libraries in an old folder?

Sorry, it was my fault.
I added the library to a git repository and I included it as a submodule in my project.

For a wrong setting in my .gitignore file, some .lib files were not checked.out properly in the submodule.
I fixed my .gitgnore and everything is ok.