Cannot import QtGuid4.dll on iMX7


we are working with the Colibri T20 Module, WEC7 and Qt 4.8.4 provided by toradex ( . Now I’d like to run the same project on a iMX7D. The project compiles correctly. but when I try to run it, I’m getting a errormessage: “Unable to import libraray QtGuid4.dll ! Program exit.”. I’ve copied all the Qt dll to “/FlashDisk/System/” and the executing directory inkl. the msvcr90d.dll.

Is it possible to run the same project on the iMX7 on a WEC7?

Kind Regards, Dominik

@dominikh: Which QT did you have installed on your system? For IMX7 you need to go for the one without QT. See also the two links on the QT install instructions.

@samuel.tx: Thanks. Didn’t know that.

@dominikh: You can build your application with the CE6 SDK and let it run under CE 7 without any issue. You could also use the CE 6 version with a CE 7 SDK probably, but we never tried that.

@samuel.tx: I used the one with opengl, since I could not add the other version to visual studio. The patch only works for CE6. Is it possible to use the Version without OpenGL with WinCE7?

Hello @samuel.tx,

I have the same problem with Colibri imx7 but building the application with CE6 SDK didn’t solve the problem.

Can you suggest me the Solution?

Hello @dominikh,
Can you suggest me how you resolved the issue?

Thank you,
@samuel.tx @dominikh.

Dear @sri406,

Same questions posted here :, we would like to do follow up there.

I have run into the same issue. How did you resolve it?