Cannot find the device which I connect with usb


I connect a Telit LE51 device to my toradex board. I see the usb device is connected succesfully on kernel messages. But I cannot see any related TTYUSB0 or someting like that. How should I look for it ? If the driver does not supported what are the steps should I do to make it work ?


I did not found driver specifics of that device… The first thing you need to know is whether there is a driver and how is the name of the driver which supports that device. If the device works on a standard desktop you usually can check the loaded modules or using the command usb-devices. Once you know which driver to enable, I recommend to cross compile the kernel using our documentation:

Its kind of a FTDI Usb Serial Device. VCP Drivers - FTDI
The problem is I really dont know what should I do after I downloaded the ftdi driver

modprobe ftdi_sio >> FATAL : Module ftdi_sio not found

So what is the actual output of lsusband usb-devices?

Note that the driver for FTDI chips is not enabled in the default configuration, neither as built in or as a module. You will need to enable it and recompile / deploy the kernel.

Device Drivers → USB support → USB Serial Converter support