Cannot create directory after flashing new image through ssh

I am not able to create a directory in the / directory on TorizonCore. Root permissions not working either. This happened after flashing a custom image with torizoncore builder through ssh

apalis-imx8-06852506:~$ sudo mkdir /images 
mkdir: cannot create directory '/images': Operation not permitted


Greetings @hexagun,

This is a “feature” of the OSTree framework that we use in Torizon. OSTree is used to perform atomic filesystem updates and changes. It’s what’s used by our OTA update as well as any changes done with TorizonCore Builder.

The issue is once OSTree is used to deploy changes. The filesystem becomes “managed” so to say by it. This is why in the initial state of the system you can create directories in /. But after deploying chainges with TorizonCore Builder (OSTree), the root directory becomes managed to avoid issues.

Anyways, all this to say avoid creating files/directories in the root directory if possible. In general we suggest creating new content in /etc. This article section here describes special directories in OSTree and how they’re managed: OSTree

Best Regards,

Thank you, that cleared it.

Glad I could help clarify.