Can you recommend any 10 inch display compatible with Col T20

I want to interface a 10-inch capacitive display. Is there any suggestion from Toradex which I should consider buying?

Dear @shiksha

I assume you are looking for a display with capacitive touch?
The display itself is uncritical, you can choose almost any display you want, which fits your requirements (price, long time availability, brightness, viewing angle, electrical interface, …). Our WinCe can be configured to output the display signals in the required timings. There are only a few exotic displays which cannot be controlled.

The critical part is the touch sensor. There is no standard for this, so the chances are high that you will need to write some code in order to read out the touch sensor. There’s some things which might help:

  • if the display provides a USB based touch, and it is a standard HID device, there might be a working driver included in our image.
  • For other displays we offer the Capacitive Multitouch Solution. This is basically a driver framework which requires you to only read out the touch coordinates from the display (usually through i2c) and feed them into our pre-configured driver. This makes the development of your own touch driver adjustment very easy.

Regards, Andy