Can we use Analog 0 input pin to detect 0/1 input without ADC

colibri vf61 v1.1b IT
colibri evaluation board/iris board

Analog input 0 = sodimm 8

type = 0x20

VybGpio_NormalizeIo() function thorows NotSupportedException

VybGpio_ConfigureAsGpio() or VybGpio_SetDir() make the application exit.

  1. Or via ADC with a threshold the only option for this pin to function as a 3.3v input detector

Currently the ADC inputs (pins 2,4,6,8 of SODIMM connector) can’t be used as GPIOs on all our modules (on some modules they are connected to dedicated pins on external chips and can’t be used for any other pourpose. So if you may use a different pin that could increase the compatibility of your design with other modules.
If you can’t change your HW you have two solutions:

  • create a polling thread that samples the ADC value (can’t be done via threshold, you need to poll)
  • Map the registers of IOMUX and GPIO controllers in your app using mapmemlib and use them to configure the pins as GPIO, bypassing the GPIO library.

thank you, will try