Can we develop an application without the use of containers?

Hello @seasoned_geek ,
Regarding your question , you can refer to what my colleague @rafael.tx said in this thread created by you:

Toradex bases our BSP offers on what the manufacturer of the SoC provides. We work hard to make sure that our modules are well-integrated and all the HW features are supported. We also do extensive testing to make sure that everything works as expected.
Additionally, we put a lot of effort to make sure that our modules can run with mainline kernels. At the end of the day, we usually don’t take upon ourselves to support features that are not supported officially in the SoC BSP.
X support is an example of that, as NXP dropped official support for it on their BSP, we cannot keep up with this support ourselves. Our team is significantly smaller than NXP’s teams and we cannot make sure all GPU features work well on the entire range of modules we provide to our customers.
On the other hand, we also try our best to make sure that our customers are not blocked from using the software that they see fit.

Now, to answer your questions directly:

What are the plans for continued pure X11 (no Wayland/Weston/xwayland) support on what hardware going forward?

We have no plans to officially support X11 anymore. Customers are welcome to use it themselves and see if the results fit the project requirements.

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