Can the SOMs deployment configuration (rev hw, image type and image version) be read from a SOMs QR code?

In serial production it may be required to know about the SOMs state (hw revision number, image type, image version) after purchasing it. This may be the case if the production needs to be migrated from an older to a newer SOM revision version. We had this case in the past once and the state of the SOMs preflashed eMMC changed as well then (easyinstaller instead of linux bsp image preflashed). Can one get this meta-information of a SOM without the need to power it on (e.g. by reading the QR code on the SOM)? We have read the QR code but could not interpret the extracted content ( <16-digits> ).

No, the bar code only shows product number, hardware revision and serial number. Apart from the later this may all be found in our online web-shop as well. Software, in general, is the customer’s responsibility. However, we don’t usually do major changes without also doing a hardware revision change (e.g. as has been the case in the past going from factory pre-installed Embedded Linux image to the Toradex Easy Installer starting with hardware revision V1.2A). However, the exact version of the Toradex Easy Installer may be changed without further notice but is deemed backward compatible resp. as a first step, a customer may first update to a later Toradex Easy Installer version if required.

Thx for the info. Would be great if you would try to keep updates of the preflashed EasyInstaller versions backward compatible.

The 2D barcode used on our module is a “DataMatrix” barcode.

That is definitely our aim!