Can the 2 lane PCIe interface in Apalis be bifurcated for two peripherals?

The title says all.
I see that one PCIe is muxed with SATA, so if we use SATA, can we have two different PCIe peripherals sharing the same clock, and use both of them with the latest Linux release provided by you?

Hi Mehmet,

i just want to clerify if I got you r right ? do you want to use 2 PCIe and Sata at the same time ?

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I realized that one of the PCIes are muxed with SATA. Therefore those pins will either be PCIe or SATA. (For example when I tick SATA in the pin configurator, I get PCIE_2 link highlighted.)
But there is another PCIe link with 2 lanes, PCIe_1. It has two lanes and here in the configurator I can see that one can configure it as a two lane or a one lane peripheral. (PCIE_1_x1 or PCIE_1_x2)

In PCIe there is a feature called bifurcation, which is, using one lane of a link ( PCIE_1_x2_L0) to communicate with one device and the other link ( PCIE_1_x2_L1) to communicate to an other device. I am not sure whether it is supported.

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Hello Mehmet,

please see the diagram below. I think this makes it easier to explain.
You can see that one PCIe (PCIE1) is used for the internal WiFi module. PCIE1 is the external PCIE buss.
And PCIE_SATA0 is which via software to SATA.
In this list here from the Apalis IMX8 Datasheet page 42 you can see the different possible configurations.