Can_Read() do not receive frames


With new CE libs 2.2-20180516 the Can_Demo project in libdemos doesn’t work. Sending frames is ok but the Can_Read()-function doesn’t receive a frame. Always getting the message

Can_Read Timeout occured

I only converted the project to a VS2013 project.
Same project with libs 2.0 works.

Here you can find my code.

I noticed the changes from 2.0 to 2.1 but are there any other things I didn’t notice?
Thanks for your help.

No that’s not the problem.
I do not receive any message, even if I send one.
I can send a message with libs v2.2. But I do not receive one.
There are three devices connected to the CAN bus.
If one device sends a message, only the device which calls Can_Read() don’t get this message.
So I’m sure that a message was send, but Can_Read() don’t receive it.

Kind regards, kuzco

Hello @Kuzco

We will try to reproduce this on our side and will give you a feedback on this mid of next week.

Hello @Kuzco

From 2.0 to 2.1 the meaning of the Filter fields has slightly changed. See this snipped from the documentation of the 2.1 release (CHM Help File, search for “FilterFrameFormat” in the documentation):

I assume you actually don’t want to filter out the 11bit frame format packets? If so, set the filter to “none” or set it to “Extended”.

Does this help?