CAN Library for Colibri i.MX6


is there a CAN Library available to download for the i.MX 6?

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CAN library is not available yet, we are working on it and it will support both i.MX6 and Vybrid modules.
We already have a CAN driver in the BSP so if you can’t wait until the library is released we can (sorry for the word play) provide you a sample of how to access the driver from an application.

Is it possible with that driver to communicate with the MCP2515 from the evaluation board?

It could be very useful to have a sample application demonstrating how to access the driver.
Valter, could you post the source/zip file?
Thanks for your attention.

You can find a small sample application here:

No, the driver works for the internal CAN controller only. To communicate with the external MCP CAN controller, a special library is needed. This library isn’t available at the moment and it’s not scheduled for the very near future. Please check our Library roadmap for details.

I expect to see the library available in Q2 2016.

Ok. Thank you for the information.

I get a error clicking this Link. The page shows “This file does not exist anymore!”.

Can you help me with this?

You can find it here:

The example application code is not accessible from!

CAN is now supported in our libraries, the sample app is part of the library download.