Can I use Python in freeRTOS?

Dear Toradex Team,

I have an application that I need to use real time solution (FreeRTOS) on Cortex-M4 and embedded Linux on Cortex-A7. I want to develop my application in python, how can I send data from M4 to A7 using python? Is that possible? Can I develop in python on FreeRTOS?

Thank you,


Generally no. This is a micro controller, and Toradex supports FreeRTOS, written in C, and has examples which are written in C as well.

But then, if you are adventurous, there is MicroPython. I even started with a port for i.MX 7 Cortex-M4 core. But this is far from complete (there is no communication support yet) and Toradex can not provide support for it.