Can I use "not connected" pins on Apalis iMX6?

We are planning to use a carrier board that can fit an Apalis iMX6 as well as a Verdin Plus module (through the use of an adapter board).

For some functionality, we want to use some pins (pin 46, 97, 101) of the Apalis interface that are declared as “not connected” in the Apalis datasheet. (These pins will be routed to certain pins on the Verdin interface on the adapter board.)

Is it safe to use these pins, i.e., are they truly not connected, or could we run into problems in doing this?

On Apalis iMX6 module pins 91 and 101 are not connected at all. There is a 1 nF capacitor between pin 46 and a ground plane. However it’s highly not recommended to use unconnected pins. It can be used by other Apalis modules or in a new revisions of the same module. For example Apalis iMX8 uses pins 97 and 101 for MIPI DSI interface.