Can I flash from WinCE to Linux using Windows?


I am, admittedly, a newcomer to the SoM world, but have some experience with Developer boards such as the Raspberry and ODROIDs.

I received a Colibri iMX6 and Eval Board v3.2, which was already running Linux, I then switched to Win Embedded Compact v8 using Toradex Easy Installer.

I now need to switch back to Linux, or try Win2013, but can’t my head around the appropriate steps.

Do I need to use an SD card, as per, in which case I need a Linux machine to prepare the SD card, correct? Can’t be done from Windows?

Is there any way I can move from the installed Windows CE to another OS with only a Windows machine to do the flashing/loading? I have all manner of tools such as DHCP Server, TFTP, etc but access to a Linux machine could take a while.


Our new Toradex Easy Installer tool may be the perfect solution for you. Check out the details on our developer website.

In short, you will need to boot the module into recovery mode. Then you can use the recovery-windows.bat script in windows to load the tool onto the module over USB. If the device is connected to the internet, the tool will allow you to graphically select the Linux image to install from our servers.

View the video on the developer site for a walk through of the update process.

You need to short the two pads and then power-up the module. I guess you did this. However, it’s definitely not easy to short the pads. We usually use tweezers to short the pads. Let us know if you still struggle with getting into recovery mode.

Trouble is, I can’t get the iMX6 to boot into Recovery Mode in order to initiate the Easy Installer.

When the board had Linux loaded, I could halt the boot and issue “bmode usb” and use EI from there.

Shorting the pads on the Colibri while it’s on the Eval Board doesnt seem to have any effect, the board boots to Windows CE after BootLoader.

Yes, been trying with wire, paper-clips and other bits of metal while powering up with not much success.

Would there be any Video output when it goes into Recovery Mode, or just RS232 output via X27 or X29?

@MrIntarnet There is no output on either video or RS232 when recovery mode is active. However, from the host machine, you should be able to see a USB device connected. For example, in Linux, lsusb should show something like: 15a2:0054 NXP/Freescale Semiconductor, Inc....

If you can access the windows CE bootloader serial console you can:

stop regular boot by pressing space
press ‘x’ to enter bootloader console
type: bootfrom usb

Now the module should enter recover mode and you can start the easy installer on your PC

This worked first time, Linux loaded up and running.

Much appreciated!