Can I develop SmartDeviceApplication(with WinCE target C#) on .NetFramework apart from CompactFrameWork?

Iam Converting the Code of Visual Studio 2010(.NET C#) to SmartDeviceApplication with WinCE target(C#).so when i create a project of smartdevice(win CE target) it loads CompactFrameWork Libraries.There are Certain classes & Properties I have used in my project are not available in CompactFrameWork.Therefore,it is creating problems. I would like to know whether smartdeviceApplication with WinCE target(C#) can be developed in .NetFramework.
Looking forward for any Help!

Unfortunately, not all .net features are available in the .NET compact framework which is used on Windows Embedded Compact and WinCE devices. You would have to find alternatives for your API calls and classes which aren’t supported. I cannot give you a general hint on how to do this as we aren’t experts in application development. I guess you have to decide on a case by case basis per API call which isn’t supported and try to find the answers with google or any search engine of your choice.