CAN error on Startup


I’m using a Apalis TK1 on a Ixora Board and having troubles on my CAN bus during bootup.
The Image I use is the latest one in CAN Bus performance on TK1 - Technical Support - Toradex Community.

I am sniffing the CAN Bus with Vector CANalyzer and am seeing Error frames for about 2 seconds during startup.

Additionally I have a problem when it is up and running. As long as I run only a candump on e.g. can0 I get the messages from the bus. But as soon as I start a cansend parallel in candump I only get the messages which I send myself in cansend and none I send on another device.

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Hi Christian

Could you provide the dmesg log in a file and also the log of the errors in CANalyzer. If you send from another device (CANalyzer …), are these messages sent correctly?

Hei jaski.

The logfile Logging326.asc is made during startup. I start the toradex board at around 1s. And during startup I get a few errors. The errors occur at 15 s.

dmesg shows nothing of importance. I started the Board at around 2s of the meassurement. So I think it happens when it runs apalis-tk1-k20-can apalis-tk1-k20-can.0: probed 0. During startup it disturbes the whole bus.

When it is running and I am trying to do a candump and a cansend on the same can channel the candump only gets the messages from cansend until I do a rmmod and modprobe apalis_can…
The rest of the bus is not affected by this.

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Image in share is obsolete, you should try using v4 can test image available through Toradex Easy Installer.

hei dominik.
I am still having those error frames with the latest Anström firmware.

They appear when it runs apalis-tk1-k20-can apalis-tk1-k20-can.0: probed 0
and disapears when i set the correct baudrate and start the CAN with:
ip link set can0 type can bitrate 500000
ip link set can0 up

I have those lines in a bash-script which is executed by a systemd-service.

Which firmware version did you use ( uname -r )?