CAN Demo/Test tool on Colibri imx6

Hi there,

I am working on validating some outputs from a BSP layer I wrote for the imx6 on the Colibri board. My code is not working at present and I would like to verify at the very least that I can get a signal out of the CAN interface. I’ve read that there is a standalone tool for me to do so. Is there such a tool and where can I find it?


Dear @chronic788
I’m afraid we don’t have a CAN tool. The best you can take as a base is the CAN Demo which is part of the library package.

What you could use as a starting point:

  • To verify your PCB wiring, use the GpioConfig tool to switch the signals statically; configure the relevant SODIMM pins as GPIO, output, and toggle the level between 0 and 1.
  • Use a CAN analyzer to measure the communication against the Colibri.
  • If you don’t have a CAN analyzer available, you could use an oscilloscope. But be aware, that CAN communication expects another device to acknowledge any message sent. Without acknowledge, the sender will shut down the CAN controller after a few messages.