Can Colibri T30 use 2 displays at the same time

  1. Is Colibri T30 capable of running 2 LCD displays e.g. one VGA/HDMI and the other is parallel LCD (primary) simultaneously as dual desktop?

  2. Or can I switch between two displays of different type and resolution without rebooting?

  3. Or can I at least switch between two displays of different type and same resolution without rebooting?

Also do I need additional graphics card?

This video shows that it needs it.

Please let us know which operating system you plan to use. WinCE or Linux?

Windows Embedded Compact 2013

What is the need for the graphics card as T30 already has Graphics Acceleration? Our application is based on WEC2013. Let me know if I could use two displays (as mentioned above) without any graphics card.

You are right, there is no external graphics card needed. The integrated graphics controller is able to handle two displays. Please find more information in our developer center:
Let us know if you have any further questions. Please create a new question if so. Thanks.