Can bus on ixora and IMX8


I’m trying to use CAN bus with J1939 on my apalis IMX8 module with an ixora carrier board.
Simple CAN communication with cansend and candump is working fine.

Now, I would like to develop a C++ app with J1939 CAN bus communication.
How can I use the J1939 build-in kernel module provided in TorizonCore 5.x.x which is descriped in this topic : How to Use CAN on TorizonCore | Toradex Developer Center ?

Thanks for your help.

Greetings @ClementLerm,

First of all what is your use-case/goal here?

It sounds like you just want to develop a C++ application to work with the Can bus using the can-j1939 specifically. Is there anything else?

Just to make sure I understand then, is your question how to create such an application?

Well the can-j1939 should be built into TorizonCore by default. Thought it may not be loaded by default so you may need to load it before use. As for actual code, we don’t provide code samples for how to use this module. For that I would suggest searching other articles online such as: can-utils/ at master · linux-can/can-utils · GitHub

The can-j1939 module is an open source linux module so it’s usage should be documented publicly.

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Yes my goal is just to use J1939 in C++ app.
Your answer help me very well thank you.

Glad I could be of assistance.

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