CAN Bus loopback on Colibri i.MX6 with WEC7

I am using WinCE7 on Colibri i.MX6S and enable loopback on CAN1 via ‘CANEnableLoopback(can1, 1)’. But it can’t receive data. Is the fucntion ‘CANEnableLoopback(can1, 1)’ enough or shall I use IOCTL code to enable CAN loopback ? My code is from . Only the '‘CANEnableLoopback’ is added.

We never tested loopback in this way, so I can’t grant that it works.
You may loopback tx and rx signals on the EVB, detaching the controller from the transceiver or you may use the two CAN controllers together for testing (you will require termination resistors to close the loop).