C # applications can not be started

Colibri T30, WCE7, BSP 2.0

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have tried the new image for the T30 and I noticed that I can not start any C # applications.

I have the .Net Framework 3.9 installed and can no longer start a C # program.

Is there anything to consider when installing the image? I am normally followed the installation instructions.

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Please install .NET compact Framework 3.5 and then try to run the C# application. .Net Framework 3.9 supported only for WEC2013.

Hello raja.tx,

Thank you for your response.

I have now installed the .Net Framework 3.5.

Now I have the problem that some .Net programs do not start properly. You start with 100% CPU load and the task is also listed in the Colibri Monitor.

Other .Net programs run without problems. It is not synonymous to the programs, as they run on the beta image very reliable.

Could you please give me additional help?

Many Thanks.

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Manuel Demandt

Could you please share .NET project. It will help us to reproduce the issue here.

Hello raja.tx,

Unfortunately it is not possible to share the project.

When the .Net program starts, the CPU load is 100%. During this time the GUI does not start with some programs. (But with some it starts …)

A recovery does not occur.

What is striking: On the 2.0Beta version run the same programs without problems.

Many thanks for your help.

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The Error of one C# Program, which works very well on many different Devices:

When I start the program also starts the GUI. However, the screen freezes. (The mouse can still be moved but cant click more everywhere)

The mouse also moves very slowly. (Choppy)

What is also striking:

Working with files and launching programs is significantly slower in the 2.0 version compared to Beta 2.0.

Also the heat emission has become higher.

Good day,
I noticed another thing:
The .Net Framework 3.5 is integrated in the image. The .Net programs start with the errors described above.
If I install the .cab file (Framework 3.5) I get the following error when starting a .Net program:

.Net CF Initialization Error
The Application failed to load required components. If the .Net Compact Framework is installed on a storage card, please…

The .Net Framework is not installed. But it is present in the image …

Many thanks for your help



maybe you do not have registry section that would explain why it does not work.

Can you re-flash your module using procedure described here →

Hello luka.tx,
thank you for your answer. I using self creating image. I only have a nk.nb0 file, which I Flash on the T30 with the update_T30.bat.

Other Files I dont have. Is this wrong? The Updatetool doesnt run. I cant save registry too.

What files I need for the real image and where can I find it?

Thank you very much.

Could you please download 2.0 image from web and update tool from the link I sent you. Then update it with the files provided by image 2.0.

Thank you luka.tx,
this helps me very much. I found my mistake.
Now I have only problems with open/read/close Com Ports.
Best regards

Do you have issue with COM1? Do you maybe have debug output enabled?

Hello luka.tx,
I use all ports including COM1. Debug output is enabled but I get no message when the system crashes.

Short description of my program: It opens a com port, listens to it and then closes it again. (Program written on C #)

When the program starts, the T30 is extremely busy. The mouse can be moved very slowly until nothing is left.

The program I have tested on many systems and it runs everywhere problem-free.

Hello Toradex Community,
I could evaluate the problem with RS232.
There is a bug with Image2 of Toradex with Com2.
If I open COM2 with a terminal program and close it again, the operating system hangs completely.
How can I remove this bug?
Many thanks for your help.
Best regards

Hello Toradex Team,
I have the DMA setting after the documentation off. Nevertheless, there are the same problems with COM2. (When the port is closed, the operating system hangs up).
When I open the port there is communication (in the terminal) although I do not serve the port.
Many thanks for your help.
Best regards

ok if I disable DMA in Image the COM2 dont make trouble.

So I only have problems with saving Registry with Update Tool.

Thank you.

@Saphymo: Could it be you upgraded your image without using the *.cfg file? If you upgrade from 1.4 or older to V2.0 image you either have to upgrade by using the *.cfg with the Update Tool or update with NVFlash / Recovery mode. This is due to the fact, that the registry now is stored in its own flash region, completly independent from the user accessible storage. Please check once if this is the case or not. This would also explaint, why you had to build the DMA setting into the image.

@Saphymo: Could it be you already have traffic sent to device when you open the port? This could be related to issue 25340 on our roadmap. Please try once to set DMASetting to 0. In case this works after that, you may are facing this issue (see also workarround). The DMASetting is documented here.

Dear Samuel.tx,
thank you for your comment. I use .cfg File in Updatetool and recovery mode.

But there are different .cfg files. With one .cfg File I can flash the Image with an other .cfg File I cant flash the image.

I never find a description of the .cfg File. It can be the case, that my .cfg file is not optimal set. But how to set?

Thank you very much.