Building Freescale gstreamer-imx (v1) for Colibri-iMX6_LXDE-Image 2.7

Our project requires modified version of gstreamer-imx plugins and we use ADV7280.

Unfortunately, newer images don’t support ADV7280 and have gstreamer-imx V2+ that doesn’t provide eglvivsink.
This is why we’re on one of the older builds:

Angstrom v2016.12 - Kernel 

Colibri-iMX6_LXDE-Image 2.7b4 20171004

We fallowed the build instructions but GStreamer on our iMX6 doesn’t recognize the plugins. We also double checked that both (bundled and ones we compiled) .so libs are cross compiled for same ARM architecture. gst-inspect-1.0 also doesn’t show the plugins.

Hi @Jaremko ,

Thanks for reaching out.

I see that you’re using a fairly old BSP. Is there any specific reason for that?

Did you consider to upgrade to a newer BSP? Can we maybe help you with that?

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Because we need ADV7280 but:

And we need gstreamer-imx v1 that has eglvivsink

Hi @Jaremko !

We can recommend some of Toradex’s partners to help you with your task.

Let us know if you would like such a recommendation.

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