Build image with modified LCD info in panel-simple.c file

I see in panel-simple.c there are LCD definitions which i can then use in my panel definition in my device tree such as

panel_dpi: panel-dpi {
compatible = “edt,et057090dhu”;

I have found the panel-simple.c file in my build folder

If i modify this file, how do i get it built into my image ?

The parallel RGB LCD display parameters for Colibri iMX6 modules are configured via the Device Tree. For more information, please refer to this article

I believe i need bgr666 which does not exist at the moment as an option in panel-simple.c , therefore i wanted to create one and get the panel-simple into my build so i can select the new display type i will create.

I have modified this file BUT i cant seem to get it ‘added’ to my kernel or image build.

Hi @adrian ,

which version of the image are you trying to build?

Best Regards