Build GUI apps with Visual Studio 2019 on Torizon

I have run simple C++ apps on Torizon built on VS 2019. Followed instructions as described on Toradex “Getting Started” site. They work as expected. Kudos to the Toradex team.

I have a monitor connected via DVI to the Iris carrier board. I have run the Crank Storyboard container as shown below and have confirmed that a GUI shows up on the monitor. I have the debian-weston container/image installed on the Colibri module.

$ docker run -it --privileged -v /home/torizon/crank/scp:/usr/crank/scp -v /dev:/dev -v /tmp:/tmp cranksoftware/torizon_imx6:6_1

I am looking for a simple C++ GUI app I can build on VS2019 and deploy/run on the Colibri. Is this possible?

Hi @cdevasia,

There are a couple of options for C++ GUI frameworks that you could use. Off the top of my head there is GTK or Qt. It should be noted though that we currently don’t have any documentation on how to use certain GUI frameworks in conjunction with our Visual Studio extension. To be clear you can do this with our extension, but you’ll need to figure out how to integrate whatever GUI framework you use.

Do you have a framework in mind? Or is just any C++ based framework “good enough”?

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Any C++ framework is good enough. Looking for something that can be built and deployed with VS2019. We don’t need very elaborate GUI capabilities.

I looked thru Crank and TotalCross offerings. They don’t appear to be VS2019 friendly.

Yeah unfortunately Crank and TotalCross use other development environments instead of Visual Studio. I would say probably Qt is the most VS friendly framework. The challenge would be integrating Qt’s visual studio integration with our own. However let me get a second opinion from the team if they know of a better framework.


Any more info on this?
Qt integration?

did you figure something out usable with VS 2019? Im lokking for the same


Hi @TJO,

Unfortunately at the current time we don’t have any upcoming plans for this kind of integration with Visual Studio. To be honest with our extension our development and focus is tilted towards Visual Studio Code since it’s multi-platform and can help to serve more people. For VSCode there is something in the pipeline for Qt integration with C/C++.

Therefore if you need Qt integration soon I would strongly suggest VSCode as that is where we will probably have this integration first.

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