Build Custom WEC2013 image


I developed an application for WEC2013, and now I would to produce it for some quantities. How can I build the final image to flash it on another modules ?

Thanks for your help.

Hello @aehki,

Did you already chechedk the production programming guide for IMX6? Here it is.

Ok I was already doing those steps, but I thought I can save my current OS (with application, config etc…) to an image, and flash it to a new module directly, it would save time.

You can download our BSP and Workspace from

You will need VS2015 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 installed on your PC. After that you can open this files and build your image.

You may also use our Easy Installer to set-up your own image (or the standard one), config block (parameters you can set in the bootloader), splash screen, registry. Only missing part is the filesystem, that you may restore using the autocopy feature:
In this way you can put all you need (easy installer image & files to be installed on your target) on a SD card or usb thumbdrive (depending on what is simpler to use on your device), boot the device in recovery mode (or boot device normally and enter recovery mode via bootloader command), use easy installer to automatically instally your custom image & config, reboot in Windows CE, let autocopy populate your filesystem.