BSP ID incorrect on Vybrid WEC2013 image

This is just a heads up: the BSP ID in the latest Vybrid WEC2013 image is incorrect.

Using Sys_GetConfigInt to read out the BspVersion parameter, the value is 0x0105ff03.

According to the documentation, this corresponds to V1.5 Colibri IMX6; it should be V1.5 Colibri Vybrid.

Dear @Monomix

This is a wrong documentation.
I assume you found this information in the librariy’s help file (*.chm), or in SysInfo.h which is used to generate the help file? If you found it anywhere else, please let me know so we can fix it.

The correct documentation should be:

BspId (bits [3:0], 0=Unknown, 1=PXA, 2=Tegra, 3=Vybrid, 4=Imx6, 5=Imx7)
  Example: 0x02000102 = 0x02_00_01_0_2 = V2.0b1 (Colibri Tegra)
  Example: 0x0200FF12 = 0x02_00_FF_1_2 = V2.0   (Apalis Tegra)

The implementation in the SysInfo_Demo application is correct. We will fix the documentation in the next library release V2.3. Thank you for pointing out the problem.

Regards, Andy

Hi Andy,

Yup, I was going on the library help file. Thanks for the super-fast response!