BSP 5.0 target descriptions

We’ve been building angstrom lxde targets for our production platforms and have started with Torizon and the newer 5.0 BSPs.

The target names for 5.0 are not intuitive…just curious if you had some detailed descriptions in your documentation of these targets just to know what the final image has.


Greetings @buchmeister,

Would something like this suffice: BSP Layers and Reference Images for Yocto Project Software | Toradex Developer Center
For Torizon it’s essentially the tdx-reference-minimal-image with the Docker engine and OTA related packages on top.

Or are you looking for an even more detailed list of what’s included in these images? For an extensive manifest of each package installed in a given image you can check our artifacts server here: JFrog

The package manifest for a given image is in the “licenses” folder for that image. These manifests are produced via Yocto build so it’s the most comprehensive list you’ll get if things built into each image.

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Thanks Jeremias, that’s exactly what I was looking for.


Perfect glad I could help!