BSP 3.0 on Apalis IMX8 V1.1C

Dear Support,
I have an Apalis IMX8QM V1.1C module with an Ixora carrier board. For compatibility issue with external hardware that we have to integrate to the module I need to use kernel version 4.14. I tried to rebuild the reference image with Yocto using the tag [Apalis-iMX8_Console-Image_3.0b4.254-20200421], but after flashing the board with EasyInstaller I don’t have any output from boot loader.

After a call with the Toradex Sales Engineer, seems that the available BSP 3.04 is not compatible with version 1.1C of Apalis IMX8 for different RAM timing, but it could be possible to create an image with kernel 4.14 with some modifications.

Could you provide me the instruction to create a BSP 3 image with kernel 4.14 compatible with Apalis IMX8 V1.1C?


Hello @livio.lima ,

You could build your own image using Yocto with the preferred BSP and Kernel version.
We have a detailed article that takes you step-by-step through the process. Could you maybe have a try at that ?

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Hi @saijanani.tx ,
I have already done the process described in the article. In particular I initialised the repo as follow

repo init -b refs/tags/Apalis-iMX8_Console-Image_3.0b4.254-20200421 -m default.xml

and build for MACHINE=apalis-imx8

but if I flash the Apalis Board V1.1.C it doesn’t work, I can’t see any output from boot loader. From the release note of 3.0.4 LTS only the support for Apalis IMX8 V1.1A is defined, but I need to use 3.0.4 LTS with Apalis IMX8 V1.1C.

I already received information from technical support that in order to use 3.0.4 to IMX8 V1.1C I need to modify the kernel due to difference in RAM timing from V1.1A to 1.1C.

I’m here to request this modifications, or if not needed can you confirm that Apalis IMX8 V1.1C is compatible with BSP 3.0.4?


Hello @livio.lima ,

Okay, I understand now. This is due to the missing SC firmware update. And in order to over come this , you could git checkout thud-next. And now, if you build the image the Firware must be included and this should solve the issue.

please let us know if you still have further issues

Best regards,