Bootup logo not listing


    I have tried to change the logo with a customized one. But when i go through make menuconfig 
    Device drivers->graphics support->Bootuplogo i didnt find any available logos. Nothing is 
    listing when i  enter bootup logo.


hi @Anjali

Could you provide the Software version of your module? How did you create the custom logo? What did you see when you launch make menuconfig?

Best regards, Jaski

first created a png image,then converted it to ppm after that converted to ASCII .
But after launching menuconfig it doesn’t show anything.

Thanks for this Information. Could you answer my questions for the previous post, please?

hi @jaski.tx
Version is 2.7.
When I launch make menu config , got kernal configuration menu. From that I chose the following.
Device Drivers → Graphics support → Bootup logo . But the bootup logo doesn’t list anything.

hi thanks for the information. Did you type the command make colibri_vf_defconfig as described here before launching make menuconfig ?