Bootloader message "Invalid pin -1 selected for display enable"

I flashed the Toradex bootloader 1.3B4 on a Colibri iMX6 DL. Starting up in a Colibri Evaluation Board it displays the following text and I wonder what causes the “Invalid pin…” message:

Toradex Bootloader 1.3b4 Built on Jan 10 2018  
Splash screen is enabled.  
Invalid pin -1 selected for display enable.  
SPL enabled version.  
Using 16MB of IPU memory and 32MB of GPU memory.  
Board: Colibri iMX6 DualLite 512MB IT  
CPU is running at 792MHz. 
Using eMMC boot partition (size: 4096 sectors). 
Initializing L2 Cache. 

Press [SPACE] to enter Bootloader Menu

Dear @zorro
The message is printed, because there is an invalid pin configured as ss.BL_GPIO.
Can you please enter the bootloader menu and enter

set ss

and paste the output here.

>set ss
ss.fileaddr:    0x0     (FlashAddress with SplashScreen Data)
ss.filesize:    0               (Size of SplashScreen Data)
ss.enable:      1               (Enable SplashScreen)
ss.dbginfo:     0               (Enable DebugInfos)
ss.res: 0x0     (Reserved Flags)
ss.width:       240             (Display Width)
ss.height:      320             (Display Height)
ss.bpp: 32              (BitsPerPixel)
ss.ldds:        18              (LCD Lines Used)
ss.type:        1               (Display Type (0=Passive, 1=Active))
ss.color:       1               (0=Mono, 1=Color)
ss.dual:        0               (0=SinglePanel, 1=DualPanel)
ss.overlay:     0               (Overlay Enable)
ss.dpc: 0               (Double Pixel Clock)
ss.pcp: 0               (Pixel Clock Polarity)
ss.oep: 0               (Output Enable Polarity)
ss.hsp: 1               (Horizontal Sync Polarity)
ss.vsp: 1               (Vertical Sync Polarity)  5               (LCD Buffer Strength)
ss.pclk:        8000000         (PixelClock (in Hz))
ss.hsw: 96              (Horizontal Sync Width)
ss.vsw: 2               (Vertical Sync Width)
ss.blw: 48              (Begin of Line Width)
ss.elw: 16              (End of Line Width)
ss.bfw: 31              (Begin of Frame Width)
ss.efw: 11              (End of Frame Width)
ss.acb: 0               (AC Bias Frequency)
ss.disp_gpio:   0               (Display On/Off Gpio (0 means no pin used for this purpose))
ss.bl_gpio:     71              (BackLight On/Off Gpio (0 means no pin used for this purpose))
ss.dispondelay: 0               (Display On Delay)
ss.disp_pol:    1               (Display On/Off polarity)
ss.bl_pol:      1               (BackLight On/Off polarity)
ss.pcddiv:      1               (Enable Pixel Clock PreDivider)
ss.out: 0               (Output device (used only for Apalis, 0=VGA,1=parallel,2/3/4=LVDS,5=HDMI))
ss.mode:        0               (Standard mode id (overrides settings))
ss.detectmode:  0               (0=use parms, 1=match EDID info with standard mode, 2=use EDID preferred mode)
ss.noOE:        0               (Disables OE/DE signal)
ss.noVSYNC:     0               (Disables VSYNC signal)
ss.noHSYNC:     0               (Disables HSYNC signal)
ss.jeida:       0               (Enables JEIDA mapping for LVDS)
ss.res: 0x0     (Reserved Flags)
ss.edidaddr:    0x50    (7-bit i2c address, where the EDID EEPROM is located)
ss.edidenable:  0               (1=enable reading of EDID data from i2c EEPROM. 0=disable this feature)

Dear @zorro.

Thank you for reporting the issue. We are able to reproduce the issue on our side. Could you please wait for few days, we will get back you soon.

This message simply means that no pin has been configured for that function, this is what happens when the value is set to 0, it’s not a real issue, just a non-needed warning message.
It has been removed in the new 1.3 version that should be available soon.