Booting into Torizon after Loading M4 program

We just upgraded from from Angstrom to Torizon. Now I want to load a C program on to the M4 after that I want to write “boot”, that i can boot into Torizon, but it doesn’t work.
Info: The C-Program works (was just a Hello World!)
On Angstrom I could just write “boot”, but I have to use Torizon
My Question:
How can I boot from u-boot to Torizon after loading a Program on the M4?

Greetings @Zimart.

Can you please share a boot log so we can check where it hangs?

Also, can you provide the version of Torizon running on your board?

As far as we’ve tested the Hello World sample that comes with the FreeRTOS package for the Colibri iMX7D should run just fine along with Torizon.

Did you make sure to disable UART_B on Linux if that’s what you’re using on the M4? Conflicting resources can lead to crashes and freezes just like that.

I think you didn’t understand me correctly. In the following screenshot of the u-boot you can see that the boot command just doesn’t exist.
Also the M4 program works just fine.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Zimart!

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

IIRC Torizon defaults to Distroboot, so can you try running run distro_bootcmd instead of boot?