Bootargs bin file

Is that way to get the boot args offset file in uboot source /include/config …

I need to extract the .h file in the uboot source from /include/config …

I googled it using dd command to get …

i did not get proper way to do this

can you please help this

Can you clarify more on your requirement and end goal?

We are using imx6 quad board, while booting board in uboot showing bad crc message…

in normal we can pass the default environment to saveenv it in the uboot. Then it’s not showing the warning message. we don’t want to use the saveenv enviornment.

we using script to boot the board so that, as per the conclusion we can extract the comman.h from .include/configs from uboot we can fix the bug so only,

If possible can you please share the dd command using to extract the bootagrs file

Sorry your requirement is not really clear to me. Are you looking for this file? It would be available in u-boot source code. Also have a look at this article.

Thanks a lot. I found the solution. It’s executed.

Was the file I pointed to the one you were looking for?

In u-boot source code …in the tools folder