Boot to U-Boot shell

Dear Toradex Team,

First of all, this is my first appearance in the community forums and hope I have posted my question in the appropriate section.

Recently we have experienced some strange sporadic behaviour of the HDMI interface on specific monitor models. We suspect that it has something do to with the HDMI initialisation.

In regards with this, I would like to know whether it is possible to boot the *module to the U-Boot shell, so that I will be able to experiment with different ENV configurations and then manually boot to Linux?

Our module is the following:
Apalis i.MX6 2G RAM Industrial
Linux, BSP 2.6

A U_boot console is enabled by default on UART1 if you have Linux or Toradex Easy installer on your Apalis iMX6. If you have a WinCE it uses a Eboot. Just connect any terminal program and keep “space” pressed while powering/rebooting your module.