Boot option for imx7d

I am using imx7d(emmc) colibri, what are all the boot option other than emmc.
Is there any hardware pin to configure boot, say if i want to boot from SD card, uart etc.

Module is fused to boot only from the internal eMMC. You can use configure u-boot to boot system image from multiple sources (SD, USB, Ethernet etc.)

Hi @dominik.tx

What if the fat filesystems gets corrupt(u-boot) and i want to boot from SD card?
Is there any way we can boot from sd card.

According to section 6.6.1 in the imx7d application reference manual:

The boot ROM supports these boot

NOR flash

NAND flash


Serial (I2C/SPI) NOR flash

QuadSPI (QSPI) flash

The boot ROM uses
the state of the BOOT_MODE and eFUSEs
to determine the boot device. For
development purposes, the eFUSEs used
to determine the boot device may be
overridden using the GPIO pin inputs.

As @dominik.tx already stated all our modules are fused for their SoC boot ROMs to boot off their on-module storage in case of the Colibri iMX7D 1GB being its eMMC, actually the primary hardware boot area partition thereof which also has enhanced reliability features enabled. So you see that the FAT file system has absolutely nothing to do with the SoC boot ROM booting U-Boot.

Any later part be it the binary Linux kernel image, device tree or root file system may be loaded from whatever storage or communication device resp. interface you desire and you may of course load that from an albeit usually very unreliable SD card. You may also instruct U-Boot to fall back to boot by alternate means should e.g. the FAT partition get corrupted just like e.g. done in our regular BSPs here.

What if emmc gets corrupt?

Hi @abhilash

If emmc is corrupt then the module won’t boot up.
What are you trying to do? What is your application?

In AM335x there is a boot pin, we can directly boot from sd-card.
I am trying to make a sd-card image that would flash the linux image to the emmc.
We need this for production. Is there any other method i can do like this?

What is a AM335x??

Is there any other method i can do like this?

Yeah, sure. One way could be to read the state of a GPIO on the carrier board and depending on the state you could do eMMC or SD-Boot of the module.


What is a AM335x??

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The Colibri iMX7 does not feature any such boot pin to directly boot from an SD card. However, just like most of our other modules it features a recovery mode pin. When shorted the SoC will enter the serial downloader aka USB recovery mode. E.g. the Toradex Easy Installer may then be used to recover a bricked module.