Boot iMX.8 from Cortex A72?

I believe that Linux is booted using one of the A53 cores, I would like to use the A72 instead, do you think this is possible?

The A72 is a lot faster then the A53s and I believe that the boot process would run faster if the A72 was brought up first, what do you think?

Would it be a difference? Is it even possible?

If I’ve understood this correctly u-boot is running on the first A53 core, and as a result also hands control over to Linux this way. What if the A53 switched to the A72 before handing control off? Or even better, having u-boot started on the A72 by the firmware?

I’m possibly crazy, but what do you think?

I’m possibly crazy, but what do you think?

Yes, I came to the same conclusion (;-p).