Boot from FlexSPI with Apalis IMX8X using SCU_BOOT_MODE pins?


I was wondering if there was a way to change the default boot interface from SD Card to FlexSPI. Nominally this would be done by changing the SCU_BOOT_MODE pins. It appears the SCU_BOOT_MODE pins are not routed through the X1 connector. Are there plans to add these lines to the X1 connector or is there an alternate way to have the ROM code select the FlexSPI as the boot interface? Thanks


Dear @cgbeltran,

Our modules only boot from internal NAND/eMMC flash. There are no other options allowed or enabled on our device. There we would have to design a custom module to enable this.

You can use “Distro Boot” to boot the kernel from the device of your choice. If you follow this Link you will find our developer page, explaining Distro Boot.

Best Regards