Boot Colibri T30 from SD Card

Dear Community,

is it possible to boot an image from a SD Card of the Colibri T30 Module?

If yes how does it work?

Thank you very much.

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Which OS do you plan to use?

I try following to use

I have a normal SD Cart formated into Fat.

There is a folder root with nk.bin.

In the Bootloader is SD Card marked.

I try to boot the Colibri with the WINCE7 image.

I cant load the image to RAM

You actually pointed out an issue in the documentation, this feature is not supported on the T20 and T30 modules. We have adjusted the documentation and have removed the “applicable for” tags for the tegra modules.

In case booting from SD Card controlled by software is a requirement for you, it may will be available in a later image release.

If you want to boot from SD Card and you can modify the hardware, you can strap the following four pins to the according values. This config is for Colibri T30:

  • GPIO G0, Name: GMI_AD0, Evalboard 3.2: EX.A 1. Val: Low
  • GPIO G1, Name: GMI_AD1, Evalboard 3.2: EX.B 1. Val: High
  • GPIO G2, Name: GMI_AD2, Evalboard 3.2: EX.C 1: Val: Low
  • GPIO G3, Name: GMI_AD3, Evalboard 3.2: EX.A 2: Val: Low

This is a feature that we need as well. I tried the latest v2.1b2 image, and it’s not supported yet for Apalis T30.

@kswain: We will check if we will add this feature to the Tegra family. I will let you know tomorrow.

@kswain: Could you please provide us some more details, what is the reason for this: Would you like to have a fall back solution in case the image is corrupted or do you want completely boot the device from the SD Card, including the bootloader?

We plan to dual boot WEC7/Linux. WEC7 will be the main OS running off the flash disk. Linux will be on the SD Card. The linux distribution will be based off poky-tiny, and provide minimal services for platform updates (including much more than just the Toradex platform).

We would like to use our pushbutton, and configure E-boot to boot off the SD card if the button is held low during power-up.

Later on, we plan to customize E-boot to check an EEPROM flag for automated updates (no human to press pushbutton). Or, we may look into using a flip-flop bit or’ed with the button, and have the Linux image check the EEPROM flag, or similar.

@kswain: I have update the “Best answer” above. You can already boot from SD if you are able to set the four pins. Not sure you will be able to influence these pins with your button circuit? The software way to boot from SD Card we did not found a way yet, which does not mean it is not possible. Would the current setup be fine for you?